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    Artiflex® is a multipurpose padding bandage that ensures even distribution of pressure as in phlebological or lymphedema applications. Also useful as padding under plaster or synthetic casts.

    Product Features

    • Non-woven padding 40% polyester, 40% polypropylene, 20% polyethylene
    • Non-absorbent, so padding effect is not compromised even in humid conditions
    • Can be used under Comprilan to help protect sensitive skin or to provide padding around bony or irregular shapes
    • Ensures even distribution of pressure
    • Air permeable
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    SHORT STRETCH BANDAGES High working pressure and low resting pressure to actively support muscle pump work


    For phlebologic and lymphologic diseases, such as varicosis, thrombophlebitis, phlebothrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency (incl. venous leg ulcers and venous edema), primary and secondary lymphedema, after vein surgery, after sclerotheraphy


    • short stretch, textile elastic
    • air-permeable, latex-free, 100 % cotton
    • particularly suitable for sensitive skin
    • flexible, high wearing comfort
    • sterilizable (autoclave), reusable
    • ideal for double-bandaging techniques
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    -High density fabric for a soft, rich texture

    -Performance and stretchability to help control bleeding and edema

    -Precision fit in areas with constant movement

    -Helps ensure no slippage

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    is an elastic multipurpose bandage, suitable for phlebological indications and compression bandaging for moderate to severe lymphedema.  Other common applications include splint wrapping and support bandaging for dislocation.

    -made from 85% cotton, 15% cellulose for superior comfort

    -short stretch, longitudinally elastic with maximum stretch of 90% for high working pressure

    -porous weave provides good ventilation to the skin

    -the combination of elasticity and crepe-like feel assure reliable fit

    -natural fiber is well tolerated even by patients with very sensitive skin

    -can be washed and dried flat without losing any of its properties

    -can be gas, steam or radiation sterilized

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    Tricofix protects the skin surface under compression garments, zinc gel or adhesive bandages. Useful as skin protection under plaster of Paris or synthetic cast and as a lining for lymphedema wrapping to reduce irritation.

    Product Features

    • 100% cotton for non-irritative comfort
    • Easy application, may be cut anywhere, does not run or fray